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Jane by April Lindner

Jane Moore does not care about pop culture, read celebrity magazines, or listen to rock music. Jane, her parents least favorite and least attractive child, is about to be noticed for the first time in her life. When Jane becomes the nanny for the daughter of famous rock star, Nico Rathburn, her life becomes part of the celebrity gossip she used to ignore. Nico Rathburn has a secret, a big secret. As Jane becomes entangled in the rock star’s life, the hidden truth from his past will cause her to question the life she has been leading and the man she has come to love.
April Lindner breathes new life into the old classic Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte’s characters take on modern day characteristics while retaining the essence of the original. This novel will be interesting for readers of the original Jane Eyre and new readers alike. Jane will keep readers in suspense until the end. Fans of romantic novels are sure to find this to be a great read. Will Jane stay with the sole love of her life or will she leave him and his dark past? Check out Jane by April Lindner from the Collins Hill Media Center to find out.

-Melissa M., Class of ’11


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If I Stay by Gayle Forman

I was ready to read book but needed a quick read. If I Stay is not only a great book but one you can read in few days. The book has a quick start, and within a few pages, the book already had me hooked. The author, Gayle Forman, also has a unique writing style of mixing flashbacks along with the present to keep the interest going as well. The book is about teenage girl, Mia, and her decision to live through what she has lost. Mia realizes things will never be the same but also takes in consideration what is best for her and the people in her life. The characters in the book are unraveled quickly and make you in fall in love with them from the start. If I Stay would be a great read if: you are into music, you are in need of a cry, and if you enjoy mild romance.

~Katie D., Class of ‘11

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