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Past Perfect by Leila Sales

Ladies, this book is just fun. I read it on summer break, which is perfect, as the main character Chelsea is just starting her summer break too. She is stuck in the past in two ways – she’s a little too involved with her ex-boyfriend, and she works at a historical reenactment park. There is some friendly (and not-so-friendly) competition with the park across the street, and, of course, a boy with some serious potential. If only he didn’t work for the enemy…

~Mrs. Frilot


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Beastly by Alex Flinn (update)

Kyle is hot, rich, and totally obnoxious. He’s also the most popular kid at his elite New York City prep school, and he never passes up the opportunity to remind others of their lowly status.

When Kyle sets up Kendra, a scholarship student, to be publicly humiliated, he’s gone too far. Turns out Kendra has the power to knock him down a few pegs…to make him “beastly”…as unattractive outside as he is on the inside.

I really enjoyed this modern, twisted take on the Beauty and the Beast story. The movie version is scheduled to come out in March, but we all know the book is typically better!

See the trailer at

~Mrs. Frilot

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If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Your heart will break for 17-year-old Mia, who has an impossible decision to make when she and her family are involved in a car accident. Her wonderful life is shattered in a matter of moments. She has the power to make a choice – but what choice should she make? As you come to know her lively family and her charismatic boyfriend, you realize just how difficult her decision is.

This one’s up for a Georgia Peach Award this year. Ladies, come get this one. You may need a tissue or two, but you’ll find it hard to put down.

~Mrs. Frilot

PS: Check out the website for this book too. If you’re off-campus, you can watch the book trailers.

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Bluford High: Summer of Secrets

The Bluford High series is pretty popular in our media center, but I had never read one before. So I picked up Summer of Secrets by Paul Langan to see what this series was like. Darcy is the main character and is holding in a secret: a date with a new guy went terribly wrong when he pushed her farther than she was willing to go. She isn’t dealing with it well, her friend can tell she’s keeping a secret, her parents are back together but speaking in whispers, her beloved grandmother just died, and another friend is dating a user. Darcy just doesn’t know what problem to tackle first or who to confide in. If you like drama, pick this one up!

~Mrs. Frilot

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Goddess Boot Camp by Tera Lynn Childs

Last year I started my summer reading with Oh. My.Gods. (Check out that review here.) This summer I started it with the sequel – Goddess Boot Camp. Again, it was a fun, easy, light read, definitely enjoyable on my beach vacation. Phoebe is trying to corral her powers, since she’s a descendant of the goddess Nike, while training for an upcoming race and spending time with her cute, sweet boyfriend Griffin. Unfortunately she has to spend her summer in Goddess Boot Camp, designed for the average 10-year-old and run by her annoying stepsister. Meanwhile, the mystery of her father’s death keeps tugging at her brain, and when someone starts sending anonymous emails telling her he/she knows the truth, Phoebe must investigate. Ladies, if you read Oh.My.Gods., definitely pick this one up!

~Mrs. Frilot

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Say the Word by Jeannine Garsee

This story was a very touching book. It shows how a child reacts when one of their parents disappears out their life for somebody else. The young lady (Shawna) in this story struggled when her mom moved out of the state to be with her lesbian lover (Fran). After her mom passed away from being sickly ill Fran and her two children moved down the street from Shawna. Fran’s oldest son and Shawna ended up falling in love and Shawna thought that her youngest son was her brother.

~Shoney S., Class of ’11

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The new GA Peach Book Nominees are here! Take a peek at these top 20 teen books in our lovely peach state, then come check one out. We also have them on display at the circulation desk.

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Say the Word by Jeannine Garsee

This book is just amazing; I love this book so much! It is about a girl who has to be perfect because of her dad. It starts with her mother’s death.  First her mom left her family, because she has a girlfriend Fran, which means her mother is gay. This is about family, being a teenager, love, dealing with a gay family member, and friendship. Say the Word is very sad story, but it doesn’t have sad ending.

But I cried a lot when I reading this book because of how she wants her mom back and how people treat her, and about the relationship between Fran (mom’s girlfriend) and her. I love this book! And this is a book that everyone has to read.

~Christy C., Class of ’11

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Things Left Unsaid by Stephanie Hemphill

This book was full of drama and life lessons. A girl named Sarah is in high school and is a good girl. She makes good grades, listens to her parents, and always follows the rules. Sarah wanted more in her life than just to be good and follow the rules to everything, and then she met Robin.  Robin was the kind of girl who did not care about anyone but herself. She did not have good grades, or a healthy life style, but that did not bug her at all. The more Sarah hangs out with Robin the more she acts and dresses like her. As Sarah grows more like her she moves more away from her old friends. Then one day something happens and it changes her life forever.

~Carmen G., Class of ’11

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The Favored Child by Phillipa Gregory

This eighteenth century novel is set on the bankrupt estate of Wideacre. Here, the Lacey family is hated by the village of Acre, where families have been left to starve ever since the murder of the squire, Beatrice Lacey. This is where Julie has spent her entire life with her mother and her cousin Richard, who is a year younger than her. Julie has been in love with him as long as she can remember and knows one day that they will marry and become joint heirs to the Wideacre estate.

Julie becomes increasingly in touch with the estate and slowly wins over the people of Acre. When Richard’s father, John, finally returns home from India as a rich man, Julie’s dream of restoring Wideacre to its glory days, may finally come true. Slowly Julie begins to notice that she is more than in touch with the land, but may have the Lacey magic that led Aunt Beatrice to be known as a witch. Can Julie be the Favored Child that is said to be Beatrice’s true heir who will restore Wideacre’s wealth? Or will she have to give up the land she loves to please her family?

Book two in a series of three, this magical, sensual, and beautifully written novel is heart wrenching and hard to put down. If you are into nature, romance, and a little magic, this is the book for you.

Rhea B.-S., Class of 2010

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