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Jude by Kate Morgenroth

Jude, a 15 yr old boy, thinks his mom gave him up at birth. Only after his drug dealing father is killed do the authorities find out that Jude’s mom is the District Attorney. They also discover that Jude’s dad kidnapped him when Jude was 3wks old. With open arms, Jude’s mother Anna Grady, welcomes him into her swell life and sends him to a very nice prep school. One of his schoolmates OD’s on drugs and innocent Jude is immediately put under the knife. Harry, his mom’s boyfriend and the deputy police commissioner, tricks him to help Anna get elected on an anti-drug platform. He will clear Jude’s name, he promises, once Anna is elected. Jude, in turn, is tried as an adult and sent to jail for 5yrs. He then finds that Harry never meant to help him in the first place. He then learns to fight in jail. He needs to for his own good; survival of the fittest. This book has many twists and turns in it.

~Kylan E., Class of ’11


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Crank by Ellen Hopkins

Crank is my kind of book in the way that it deals with some real life materials such as drugs, alcohol, and abuse which could be someone’s actual everyday life. To me, the book was mainly about a very abusive relationship with her boyfriend, never really dealing with the fact that her sister always did everything the right way, and also grief for that situation. The author’s style is one that I’m not familiar with but have always heard of – poetic and even journal-like. She built the characters very well and made me want to go deeper into the story and the main character’s, Bree’s and her sister Kristina’s, lives.

This book is for anyone who is into non-fiction and is not afraid of stories that are interesting. To me, this novel stands on its own. It’s not a book that could be misunderstood and that makes it a good book for both boys and girls. For me, I kind of figured that the book would be as good as it was because, even now, I still hear reviews, and this book has been on my list forever. I was so worried about how long it would take me to read this 537 page novel with so many other things going on, but it was easy. I was eager to turn to the next page because of the story and how the plot got thicker.

~ Destinee R., Class of ’11

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