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The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Macker

This book is set in the 90’s and at-home internet is still relatively new. High school student Emma and Josh have been next-door neighbors and best friends for years, but one particular event has created some awkwardness between them. When Emma gets a new computer and her disk to install AOL internet arrives, something weird happens: she sees Facebook and herself 15 years in the future. She invites Josh over to show him, and they deal with this information very differently – sometimes it drives them together, sometimes it drives them farther apart.

Girls and guys will like this one as Emma and Josh explore what they would really do with information about how your life turns out. It’s a fun read that I definitely recommend. Jay Asher’s book 13 Reasons Why is one of my favorites. He takes┬áthe familiar struggles of high school students put them in a fresh framework. Come and check this one out soon!

~Mrs. Frilot


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