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Hurricane Song by Paul Volponi

Miles is a very understanding child, and he rolls with the punches. Miles is from Chicago where he mostly lived with his mother but often visited his father on vacations in New Orleans. He felt that he was being pushed out of his family, because his mother remarried and had several step siblings. So, when an option living with his dad came about, he moved in. Life with his father was very difficult and different. His dad, a jazz player, and Miles, a football player, were not alike. Neither of them knows how to speak about their problems to each other. As Hurricane Katrina is getting ready to hit, Miles, his dad, and his uncle prepare to go to Baton Rouge to get away from the storm. In Miles’ uncle’s car, the traffic was intense and they had various car problems, so their only route was to go to the Superdome. While going to the Dome, where most people went for shelter, food, and safety, Miles encounters many thugs that are stealing money, as well as deaths. Many gangs were fighting for turf in the Dome. Through this adventure, Miles tries just to survive.

~Evan P., Class of ’12


March 16, 2012 - Posted by | Book recommendation

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