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The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom writes a story based off his uncle, Eddie. Eddie believes that his life is without purpose. On the day that Eddie dies, he is 83; this is where the story begins. Mitch takes you through another average day in the life of Eddie. There is maintenance to be done at Ruby Pier, the boardwalk amusement park that Eddie has known his whole life, and Eddie has to do it. Eddie doesn’t know it, but its Eddie’s last day on earth.

After Eddie’s death, he goes to heaven where his body is young again. He is in a place he knows very well, Ruby Pier, but it isn’t the same. He meets his first person in heaven. Each person that Eddie meets has a different lesson for him to learn. He learns how many people he has affected in his life and why they were connected. As Eddie goes though meeting the rest of the five people set aside for him to meet in their heavens, he realizes that his mundane life was important. He is forced to see how his being a maintenance man and devoting time to Ruby Pier and his family has not been in vain. He learns the answers to the dreams that haunted him after serving in the war and how to forgive his father for a lifetime of pain. In heaven, Eddie learns that he mattered on earth and that he was supposed to live the life he did.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven is about knowing that your life means something, and even though you don’t see how everything comes together now, one day you might. The story is about love and knowing that you are worth something. This book taught me to never take any day for granted because you never know what day might be your last and who you might be affecting.

~Emily B., Class of ’12


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