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Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Just Listen is about a teenage girl named Annabel who works as a model at her mother’s persuasion. Although she dislikes modeling greatly, she does it to please her mother. At school, Annabel is considered one of the popular girls with all of the best friends. Then one summer, Annabel goes to a party with her best friend Sophie and Sophie’s boyfriend Will. Things go horribly wrong for Annabel from that point on. Sophie finds Annabel in a room alone with Will and assumes Annabel was trying to sleep with Will and steal him from her when that is not at all close to what happened. The next year at school Sophie ruins Annabel’s reputation and leaves her as an outcast. Annabel is crushed and is left to sit alone at lunch where she meets a strange boy named Owen. Owen accepts Annabel and they form a friendship of sorts, until Owen begins to realize that Annabel is hiding something. It turns out that Annabel’s perfect life is far from what it seemed. Owen becomes the last person willing to help Annabel and Annabel must find a way to open herself up to the only person willing to listen to her story.

~Caitlin H., Class of ’11


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