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Before I Let Go by Darren Coleman

Before I Let Go is about three best friends looking for love and acceptance from women. Nate is the womanizer. At first, Nate really isn’t looking for love. What he is looking for is a quick lay. But in the end, he finds a girl that he really likes, but she hides a secret from him that he is desperate to find out. When he does, he isn’t a happy camper. Brendan is the sentimental one who is really looking for love. He meets a girl named Laney, and it seems as if they really hit if off. The only problem is that he is living with his best friend Renee who has been in love with him since she met him. He finds himself stuck trying to choose who to be with.

Then, there’s Cory; Cory is a successful business man who was living in Atlanta but recently got relocated for his job back to the DC Area where Brendan and Nate live. I would recommend this book for MATURE guys or girls because there are a few graphic scenes. I really couldn’t put it down and now all my friends want to read it. AWESOME BOOK!

~Krystina L., Class of ’12


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