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Burned by Ellen Hopkins

In Ellen Hopkins’ book Burned, the main character, Pattyn Von Stratten, is a young girl who struggles with her faith. Raised Mormon she has to follow all the rules and beliefs of her Mormon faith no matter if she agrees or disagrees with them. When she causes trouble in school, Pattyn’s family decides it is best to send Pattyn away for the summer. She goes to stay with her Aunt J where she meets the love of her life Ethan, who is not  a Mormon.

When Pattyn returns home her life changes for the worst. She finds out that her father had been beating her younger sister and also that she is pregnant with Ethan’s baby. Pattyn is worried that if her father finds out about her baby that she would have to fear for her life and the life of Ethan’s. Pattyn is scared, worried, confused, and unsure what is going to happen next.

Pattyn has to decide if she is going to run away with Ethan and start a new life in California and run away from her problems. Or to stay at home with her family where she is needed the most and face her fears. If I were Pattyn I would not run away from my problems and face my fears. Read Burned and find out what Pattyn decides.

E. Kiger, Class of ’12


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