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This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

I found this book to be on my top list to recommend to all other readers. This book has you wanting to read more, until you have to put the book down from pure exhaustion. This book will go to viewers who love romantic stories about a boy and a girl. You would never believe the ending because it’s a plot twister. I think this is what drew me in more and more every time. I loved this book. It spoke to me in ways a book can never speak. I felt as if I were part of the pages in the book, making it my own ultimate fantasy.

The main character’s name is Remy. Remy is an 18 year old and now about to head off to college. This story tells about her summer. Remy is very self reliant. She views herself as her own support, especially for her family. When she was little Remy’s father wrote her a famous song, and then died later on, without her ever getting to know him. Her mother is a bestselling` romance author and now onto husband number five. Remy has three best friends, all unique in their own way, fighting battles of life as it comes. She only lets a few people in and has strict rules for boyfriends. For some odd reason she let in a boy, that was the rule breaker. As stated on page 298, “He was one thing that didn’t get done as planned, and I couldn’t check him off the way I wanted to.”  Remy has never had a problem with breaking up with boys. But when a boy named Dexter comes along, she almost caves without realizing it. Remy realizes that she is slowly falling for this goofy boy, and when she realizes this. She makes all of it stop all over again.

~Jocilyn B., Class of ’12


September 10, 2010 - Posted by | Book recommendation

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