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Jarhead by Anthony Swofford

The book Jarhead by Anthony Swofford in my opinion is a great book, especially for those that are into action books. The book refers to a Marine and what he has to do to get in the Marines, such as how the Marines are regularly trained, which is exhausting. The book talks about all the trouble this dude got into while he was in the Marines like all the women in his life and all the bar fights he’s gotten into.

There are some emotionally deep parts like when he and all of his war buddies leave the war zone and go back to their homes. He later finds out that one of them just died in a car accident. Also when he and a few of the other guys went to his funeral and had to see his mother cry, that was one of the parts that made me choke up with sadness.
Now that I have a small glimpse of what the Marines go through all the time it makes me respect them a lot more and honor their sacrifice.

I would give this book a 9 out of 10 because it is very descriptive and doesn’t hold back on any of the language. Also the book doesn’t put the reader to sleep; instead it leaves the reader wanting more. And if I tell you that it’s a good book, then it’s a good book because I’m not the person that reads that often; I read a book about two times a year. So to the people that are adrenaline junkies, this is a good book to get your blood pumping, and also to all the action lovers out there this is also a good book for you.

~Javier P., Class of ’12


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Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

It all happens in a small town in Pennsylvania. The main character Miranda lives with her mom and Johnny. She has a brother who is in college. Her parents were divorced. Her dad had another wife named Lisa which she was pregnant at that time. Everything was normal until the moon was knocked out of orbit.

Everyone around the world was excited to see a fantastic thing. Parties everywhere and people on streets waiting for Wednesday May 18. The asteroid was supposed to hit the moon by 9:30 p.m. However, the asteroid creates worldwide disasters. The moon is responsible for many of Earth’s environmental controls, and when the orbit of the moon changes, so does the environment. Some of the effects were earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruption. After this, people started to think that our moon was being attacked then we were attacked. Some people started to cry, pray, and some went inside of their houses. After this people started to lose communication with their families. Things were started to get worse, her mom had a great idea of going for grocery shopping. Miranda, Johnny and Mrs. Nesbit knew things were going to be worse in the future. They bought any kind of food, canned vegetables, water, flashlights, and medicine. Everything was exhausted like gas and food. Many people started to move and heading west or south. After weeks everything was getting worse. Each day they would only have one or two meals. It was just September and the weather was getting colder each day.

Life As We Knew It is a very good book. It makes you think of how the world would be if anything like this happened. As you keep reading you can’t stop because it tells you how people survive this. Each day it was a challenge to make it through the day. Do you think Miranda’s family survived??? Read it and find out.

~Juan H., Class of ’11

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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

The book, Uglies, takes place in the future: a time period where we no longer exist. This book is about a girl named Tally Youngblood; in her world there are only two cities in the town where she lives. There is either Pretty Town or Uglyville. You stay in Uglyville until 16, and you turn pretty through an operation and you live in the pretty town forever. Tally’s choices soon become limited when her friend Shay runs away from the town to smoke. She is either given a choice to betray her friend and tell the truth or stay ugly for the rest of her life. Which one does she choose?

I really recommend you to read this wonderful story full of mystery. I could not put this book down. It keeps its audience enthusiastic about what will happen on the next page. If you are struggling to read because you think it’s too long, don’t; you won’t even realize when you done with it.

~Sabila M, Class of ’12

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Burned by Ellen Hopkins

In Ellen Hopkins’ book Burned, the main character, Pattyn Von Stratten, is a young girl who struggles with her faith. Raised Mormon she has to follow all the rules and beliefs of her Mormon faith no matter if she agrees or disagrees with them. When she causes trouble in school, Pattyn’s family decides it is best to send Pattyn away for the summer. She goes to stay with her Aunt J where she meets the love of her life Ethan, who is not  a Mormon.

When Pattyn returns home her life changes for the worst. She finds out that her father had been beating her younger sister and also that she is pregnant with Ethan’s baby. Pattyn is worried that if her father finds out about her baby that she would have to fear for her life and the life of Ethan’s. Pattyn is scared, worried, confused, and unsure what is going to happen next.

Pattyn has to decide if she is going to run away with Ethan and start a new life in California and run away from her problems. Or to stay at home with her family where she is needed the most and face her fears. If I were Pattyn I would not run away from my problems and face my fears. Read Burned and find out what Pattyn decides.

E. Kiger, Class of ’12

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Beastly by Alex Flinn (update)

Kyle is hot, rich, and totally obnoxious. He’s also the most popular kid at his elite New York City prep school, and he never passes up the opportunity to remind others of their lowly status.

When Kyle sets up Kendra, a scholarship student, to be publicly humiliated, he’s gone too far. Turns out Kendra has the power to knock him down a few pegs…to make him “beastly”…as unattractive outside as he is on the inside.

I really enjoyed this modern, twisted take on the Beauty and the Beast story. The movie version is scheduled to come out in March, but we all know the book is typically better!

See the trailer at

~Mrs. Frilot

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Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford

This is one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time. Carter is a bumbling, stumbling, honest freshmen who is worried about making his mark in high school, especially with the ladies. Any sight of exposed skin, however, sends his ADD into overdrive and he has no control over what comes out of his mouth. He quickly finds himself in humiliating and hysterical situations with the jocks, his friends, and a hot girl who’s prone to smack him in public. Fortunately his friends often come to his rescue, along with his less socially-challenged older sister, and you’ll find yourself really liking Carter as he figures out who he really is.

Guys and girls will like this one. Carter seems like a friend you might know, and you’ll chuckle and cheer him on during his freshmen troubles. Come check this one out today!

~Mrs. Frilot

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This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

I found this book to be on my top list to recommend to all other readers. This book has you wanting to read more, until you have to put the book down from pure exhaustion. This book will go to viewers who love romantic stories about a boy and a girl. You would never believe the ending because it’s a plot twister. I think this is what drew me in more and more every time. I loved this book. It spoke to me in ways a book can never speak. I felt as if I were part of the pages in the book, making it my own ultimate fantasy.

The main character’s name is Remy. Remy is an 18 year old and now about to head off to college. This story tells about her summer. Remy is very self reliant. She views herself as her own support, especially for her family. When she was little Remy’s father wrote her a famous song, and then died later on, without her ever getting to know him. Her mother is a bestselling` romance author and now onto husband number five. Remy has three best friends, all unique in their own way, fighting battles of life as it comes. She only lets a few people in and has strict rules for boyfriends. For some odd reason she let in a boy, that was the rule breaker. As stated on page 298, “He was one thing that didn’t get done as planned, and I couldn’t check him off the way I wanted to.”  Remy has never had a problem with breaking up with boys. But when a boy named Dexter comes along, she almost caves without realizing it. Remy realizes that she is slowly falling for this goofy boy, and when she realizes this. She makes all of it stop all over again.

~Jocilyn B., Class of ’12

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