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Blood and Chocolate by Annette Klause

Blood and Chocolate starts off with the main character, a werewolf, and her entire family standing outside of their burning home, a quaint inn in the middle of the woods. As they watch their house burn down, Vivian’s father, the leader of the wolf pack, goes back into the house to save people that were trapped inside. The house collapses and her father dies.

The story then jumps into the next year. The pack has moved from a secluded forest to a crowded suburb. When Vivian’s father died, they lost their pack leader, causing disarray with the wolves. Instead of hanging out with the only other wolves her age, a group of trouble-making boys, The Five, who all wish Vivian would mate with one of them, Vivian tries to fit in with the humans and finds a boyfriend that all of the pack disapprove of. Her boyfriend, Aiden, loves all things to do with magic or fantasy. Thinking that he won’t be afraid of her, Vivian show herself to him in her true form, her wolf form.

However, this doesn’t go as she hoped. Aiden was scared of her and she blacked out. When she woke up she found out that Aiden turned all of her friends against her in order to protect them, the pack was going to go through a violent ritual in order to pick the new leader, and worst of all, a human was killed by someone in the pack. As the days draw closer to the night when a new leader will be chosen, more people are being killed and Vivian keeps blacking out. But, is she really the one killing all those people?

~Taylor V., Class of ’11


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