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Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

With a car crash, an abandoned kid, and the Australian countryside with Jellicoe Road running through the middle, Melina Marchetta’s award-winning book is as confusing as it is intriguing. If you like to be challenged with what you read and can keep up with two storylines, pick this book up.

Taylor Markham was abandoned when she was 11, and has since grown up at the Jellicoe School under the watchful eye of Hannah, a local who found Taylor at the 7-11 where her mother left her. Taylor, now 17, is trying to confront her horrible past, but Hannah isn’t cooperative and Taylor is reluctantly voted in as leader of her school dorm. So, between needy kids, a battle between the Townies, Cadets, and the Jellicoe students, and Hannah’s disappearance, Taylor is frustrated and doesn’t know what to do. To top it all off, a mysterious guy from the past reappears and stands to make everything worse – or better.

Two stories run through this novel – one is Taylor’s story, and the other is a manuscript that Hannah is writing (it’s the part in italics). Amidst heartbreak, history, and revelation, Taylor has to put the pieces of her past together in order to face the future.

~Mrs. Frilot


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