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’09-’10 Media Center Highlights

I’ve been trying out, which is lots of fun. You can make videos out of your pictures and it’s really easy. For you teachers out there, go to Animoto’s education site and register, and then you and your students can make full-length videos for free. Otherwise you’re limited to 30 seconds.

Check out our highlight video!

~Mrs. Frilot


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Fakie by Tony Varrato

In Fakie, Danny and his mother are witnesses to his father’s death and the convict wants them dead. Being part of the witness relocation program, they move and change identities often. This time Danny is a skater named Alex in Virginia’s coastal area. The murderers are on the search for Alex and his mother and are getting close when he realizes he doesn’t want to leave this time. His friend Tim and bully-turned-friend Brian, among others, help Alex to get out and stay alive.

This book is more of an action meets mystery and had a baby. I think kids who are barely thinking about starting to skate would enjoy it, but not so much kids that have been doing it for a while. It’s a short book so it would be a nice in-class read if you don’t have too much time at home.

~Jovanny B., ’11

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Beastly by Alex Flinn

Hot, obnoxious guy is made hideous because he’s a jerk. Must find girl to love him for who he is, not what he looks like, in order to return to his beautiful self.

Normally I don’t review books I haven’t read, but this one’s coming out as a movie in July. It looks pretty good – a teen twist on the Beauty and the Beast idea.

Check out the movie / book preview:

~Mrs. Frilot

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The new GA Peach Book Nominees are here! Take a peek at these top 20 teen books in our lovely peach state, then come check one out. We also have them on display at the circulation desk.

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All-In by Pete Hautman

All-In, by Pete Hautman, is as full of plot twists as a book can get. The book has chapters from the points of view of three different characters, with young Denn Doyle as the main character. A 17 year old (illegal) poker player making it big in Vegas, but he finds out that not everyone is trustworthy. When Denn hits the dumps, however, an unexpected savior fronts him $10,000 to play in a winner-take-all $1,000,000 jackpot Texas Hold-’em tournament.

~Ryan S., Class of ’13

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Muchacho by Louanne Johnson

Eddie Corazon doesn’t like school and its condescending teachers. He’s pretty smart, though, so he gets into trouble a lot. In fact, he seems to have a knack for it. His friends and cousins are even better at it, and not only end up in trouble at school, but also with the cops as well.

When Lupe moves in from another school, Eddie’s world starts to look a little different. She’s gorgeous and smart, and he wants to be better for her, but isn’t quite sure how to stay cool with his friends. The two worlds are very different. On top of that, Lupe’s father is very strict, Eddie’s dad is not much of a talker, and Eddie’s promised his mom he’ll graduate high school, even though that goal seems far, far away.

Pick this one up! It’s a good read. Eddie seems very real and you want to know what happens to him all throughout the story – especially about one situation that happens when he’s out with his brother one night. It’s also one of the Peach Award Nominees  – so you know it’s good.

~Mrs. Frilot

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Rash by Pete Hautman

Rash, set in the late 21st century, takes a comical and exaggerated look into what our country can become. Bo, a teenager of the time period, listens to his grandfather talk of our time, but Bo thinks that the world we lived in was dangerous, unsafe, and a disaster waiting to happen.

In Rash, you get all sorts of genres, such as adventure, action, sci-fi, and comedy. You should definitely take a look at this book, as I am glad I did.

~Ryan S., Class of ’13

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Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Katniss, a young girl living in the seam takes an incredible journey in The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins.  She lives in a country split up into 13 districts. The Capitol destroyed district 13 after they had tried to rebel, and to keep the other districts from doing the same, the capitol has invented a game, the Hunger Games.  Two players are taken from each district for a total of twenty four and they are then placed in a large arena left to fight to the death. The last one standing is reigned champion and lives in luxury for the rest of his or he life. Katniss lives in a part of district 12 called the seam. This is a place where you almost have no choice but to have wilderness skills, for you need them in order to survive and put food on the table everyday. But when someone very close to Katniss gets their name drawn for the Hunger Games, she wont let them go and volunteers to take their place.  Once the games actually start, things get a little bit more complicated. The remainder of the book is more of a twisted love tale than anything else but when two are left and only one can win…decisions must be made because their can only be one winner of these games. The question is: who will it be?

~Allie C., Class of ’13

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Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

With a car crash, an abandoned kid, and the Australian countryside with Jellicoe Road running through the middle, Melina Marchetta’s award-winning book is as confusing as it is intriguing. If you like to be challenged with what you read and can keep up with two storylines, pick this book up.

Taylor Markham was abandoned when she was 11, and has since grown up at the Jellicoe School under the watchful eye of Hannah, a local who found Taylor at the 7-11 where her mother left her. Taylor, now 17, is trying to confront her horrible past, but Hannah isn’t cooperative and Taylor is reluctantly voted in as leader of her school dorm. So, between needy kids, a battle between the Townies, Cadets, and the Jellicoe students, and Hannah’s disappearance, Taylor is frustrated and doesn’t know what to do. To top it all off, a mysterious guy from the past reappears and stands to make everything worse – or better.

Two stories run through this novel – one is Taylor’s story, and the other is a manuscript that Hannah is writing (it’s the part in italics). Amidst heartbreak, history, and revelation, Taylor has to put the pieces of her past together in order to face the future.

~Mrs. Frilot

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Inkpop for teen writers

From the Inkpop homepage:

“Love to Write? Connect with other teen writers like yourself. Read and vote on what others write. Talk about novels, poetry or a book you love. Write a post for the community. Connect with other literary teens like yourself. Make the Top Pick list and your writing will be read by a HarperCollins editor. “

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