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Dragonfly by Julia Golding

I picked up Dragonfly the same way I pick up most books. It was new and it looked pretty. Knowing it was a teen fantasy romance fiction book, I was expecting a mediocre story. Little did I know I would be racing to finish it by the next day, hiding it inside text books and underneath desks. Dragonfly turned out to be a simple, yet beautifully complex,  story that captured me from start to finish. Though being simple and complex seems impossible, I’m telling you, it isn’t.

The story is simple. Tashi, or Princess Taoshira, is the fourth princess of her home country, beautiful, refined, and traditional.  She’s been raised from a farm girl to the leader of an entire island. Thus, she must be intelligent and formal. Ramil, the Prince of a close by country, is free spirited and wild. The son of a horse-lord’s daughter, he takes after the boundless energy of her people. But, these two starkly opposite personalities are thrown together in a rushed arranged marriage in an attempt to try and save their countries from war. It’s perfect for everyone but Tashi and Ram, who despise each other at first sight. Their story continues from here, once kidnapped, in an honest and simple way.

It’s the culture of the world that Golding has created that is so complex. In this, she has made an entire world, filled with unique traditions for every part of it. Tashi’s homeland has ritual after ritual that Golding describes wonderfully. From Ram’s country to every land they travel through, a history of people breathes through every sentence.  But, it doesn’t scare away younger readers. Dragonfly is the epitome of a teen fantasy book. I would highly suggest this to anyone who has enjoyed Eragon, any Tamora Peirce novels, The Singer of All Songs, or The Seer and the Sword. But, this book won’t keep non-fantasy readers away. I highly suggest Dragonfly to anyone in high school looking for a new style to read! It’s engaging, interesting, and fast paced, so pick it up today!

~Gillian M., Class of 2010


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