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Rucker Park Setup by Paul Volponi

Rucker Park Setup is a great story. This book is about two best friends growing up in New York. Mackey and J.R. have been friends since they were two years old. They both shared the same goal. They both had dreams of becoming the next street ball legend.

As the school year was almost over, the boys began practicing on their jump shot, lay ups, and free throws. They wanted to be in shape for the big tournament coming this summer. This tournament will be held at Rucker Park. J.R.’s father, Stove, was one of Rucker Park’s referees for many years. Stove warned the boys about the coaches. Stove was telling them that they were drug dealers.

One afternoon Mackey and J.R. were playing a pick up game at Rucker Park. As J.R. was driving to the hoop he committed a foul. Greene got angry; he and his crew were Mackey and J.R.’s opponent. They began to argue; Mackey could already see where this heading. Greene pulled out a knife and charged toward J.R.; Mackey stiffened with fear.

I really enjoyed this book, but it up to the reader to find out what actually happen to J.R.!

~Raphael K., Class of 2010


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