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Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Seventeen-year-old Marcus is a computer and security wiz. He understands flaws in the system and uses this to his advantage. He and his friends skip school one day when the unthinkable happens. Terrorists bomb the bay bridge. Panicked, the mass of people on the streets take to the underground called the BART system. In the panic his friend Darryl is stabbed and they are forced up to the surface to find help. In the chaos they are mistaken for terrorists and are imprisoned on an island. After 3 days of torture they let him go along with his friends Val and Joel…but Darryl is not with them; he has become a liability to the department of homeland security and cannot be released. They find that their city has become a police state and are monitored closely everywhere they go. Marcus vows to find Darryl and show the DHS that what they are doing is useless if he can outsmart their security cant the terrorists.

This book is very revolutionary. It made me question the idea that the government is here to protect. What happens when someone with total control abuses that control? I give this 5 stars.

Cordero S., Class of 2010


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