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Paper Towns by John Green

Margo and Quentin (better known as  Q) have grown up as neighbors. Good buddies as kids, they’ve now grown into high school students who run in different circles. Q is nerdy and quiet and enjoys his band friends. Margo is beautiful and spontaneous, and as such, Margo and Q aren’t exactly good friends anymore.

But that doesn’t mean that Q doesn’t think about her…a lot. So when Margo shows up at Q’s window late one night needing a ride, he agrees. One crazy, eventful, intriguing night ensues, and Q’s perspective on high school and Margo changes.

So when Margo disappears before graduation, Q’s world is really turned upside down. He embarks on a journey to find Margo that is funny, sad, and a little weird, and in the process learns a lot about himself.

Both guys and girls would enjoy this book. YALSA (the young adult lit association) gave this one of their top awards, so that made me take notice of this book. While I didn’t absolutely love this book, I did enjoy John Green’s witty writing and development of characters.

~Mrs. Frilot


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