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Rucker Park Setup by Paul Volponi

Rucker Park Setup is a great story. This book is about two best friends growing up in New York. Mackey and J.R. have been friends since they were two years old. They both shared the same goal. They both had dreams of becoming the next street ball legend.

As the school year was almost over, the boys began practicing on their jump shot, lay ups, and free throws. They wanted to be in shape for the big tournament coming this summer. This tournament will be held at Rucker Park. J.R.’s father, Stove, was one of Rucker Park’s referees for many years. Stove warned the boys about the coaches. Stove was telling them that they were drug dealers.

One afternoon Mackey and J.R. were playing a pick up game at Rucker Park. As J.R. was driving to the hoop he committed a foul. Greene got angry; he and his crew were Mackey and J.R.’s opponent. They began to argue; Mackey could already see where this heading. Greene pulled out a knife and charged toward J.R.; Mackey stiffened with fear.

I really enjoyed this book, but it up to the reader to find out what actually happen to J.R.!

~Raphael K., Class of 2010


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Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Seventeen-year-old Marcus is a computer and security wiz. He understands flaws in the system and uses this to his advantage. He and his friends skip school one day when the unthinkable happens. Terrorists bomb the bay bridge. Panicked, the mass of people on the streets take to the underground called the BART system. In the panic his friend Darryl is stabbed and they are forced up to the surface to find help. In the chaos they are mistaken for terrorists and are imprisoned on an island. After 3 days of torture they let him go along with his friends Val and Joel…but Darryl is not with them; he has become a liability to the department of homeland security and cannot be released. They find that their city has become a police state and are monitored closely everywhere they go. Marcus vows to find Darryl and show the DHS that what they are doing is useless if he can outsmart their security cant the terrorists.

This book is very revolutionary. It made me question the idea that the government is here to protect. What happens when someone with total control abuses that control? I give this 5 stars.

Cordero S., Class of 2010

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Code Talker by Jospeh Bruchac

The novel started around the time of World War Two. It is based on two Navajo Indians that signed up for the Marines. These Navajo Marines were sent away to this school and were not allowed to speak their Navajo language. If they did speak their language their mouth would be washed out with soap or they would get beat. They were taught to speak English and respect the American culture. All of their personal items were taken away and given all the same type of clothing and type of hair cut. The Americans could not pronounce their Navajo name so they gave the names of Americans that came close to their names.

One of the Navajo Marines name was Begay. After going to school for years they got sent to another school. The school was in Hawaii and at the time Begay was not old enough to join the Marines so he lied about his age and joined because he Americans did not have any records of them. The second school he went to wanted him to speak his Navajo language. At the first camp he did not forget to speak it; he would speak it to himself at night so he could not forget it. His language would be used as code talking for the war. So he was sent off on a boat to Hawaii, but he was scared because he has never been on a boat and he was sent to take classes for the war. I think that this book is good for people that like action and suspense.

~Daniel B., Class of 2010

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Alone by Lisa Gardner

Alone is a novel by Lisa Gardner. I highly recommend this book to anyone, any age or gender, who enjoys a good murder mystery with many twists involved. The plot was extremely interesting because the mystery was constantly being built up; I could not put the book down. I also recommend Alone because there are only a few characters so you get to know them more as you read, and it is easier to differentiate which individual is which. Throughout most of the book, you are getting to know the protagonist Bobby Dodge. He is a police officer who receives a life changing call. This call insists he reports to a domestic dispute. Little did he know this event would possibly get him fired and destroy his relationships with the ones he loves and cares about. He shot the male of the dispute, Jimmy Gagnon. Jimmy’s father, a prestigious judge, claims Bobby murdered and is suing him. Officer Bobby Dodge has to fight to clear his name and let justice prevail.

~Melissa G.   Class of 2010

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Paper Towns by John Green

Margo and Quentin (better known as  Q) have grown up as neighbors. Good buddies as kids, they’ve now grown into high school students who run in different circles. Q is nerdy and quiet and enjoys his band friends. Margo is beautiful and spontaneous, and as such, Margo and Q aren’t exactly good friends anymore.

But that doesn’t mean that Q doesn’t think about her…a lot. So when Margo shows up at Q’s window late one night needing a ride, he agrees. One crazy, eventful, intriguing night ensues, and Q’s perspective on high school and Margo changes.

So when Margo disappears before graduation, Q’s world is really turned upside down. He embarks on a journey to find Margo that is funny, sad, and a little weird, and in the process learns a lot about himself.

Both guys and girls would enjoy this book. YALSA (the young adult lit association) gave this one of their top awards, so that made me take notice of this book. While I didn’t absolutely love this book, I did enjoy John Green’s witty writing and development of characters.

~Mrs. Frilot

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