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Wake and Fade by Lisa McMann

wakeGREAT books. Couldn’t get enough of these two. Go check out Wake right now, and then come back and get Fade.

Melinda is a high school student who falls into people’s dreams. Weird, right? But oh, so interesting as well. Whenever Melinda is near someone who falls asleep, she is sucked into his or her dreams and has no power to stop it. While it can be a fascinating event, it also exhausts Melinda and complicates her life. Sleepovers were awkward when she was little, and now in high school, more kids fall asleep in class. No wonder Melinda has a reputation for being a little strange – running out of class, passing out, and looking more than a little tired – aren’t easily explainable. There are some things she sees in dreams she’d just rather not know about people, but the nightmares are the worst.

When she falls into the nightmares of Cabel, resident mysterious hottie, things take a strange turn and she becomes a participant in dreams. Can she help Cabel fight his demons? Can she change the course of dreams? Can she figure out a way to control this ability? Melinda knows she has to, otherwise it might just kill her.

Come get Wake and then continue the story with Fade. You’ll probably stay up late reading these two. I did!

~Mrs. Frilot


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  1. This is a very good book, and also look for fade.

    Comment by Taylor H | January 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. […] the review of Wake and Fade here. Come check them out […]

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