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The Hand You’re Dealt by Paul Volponi

thehandyouredealtGentlemen, this one’s for you. Ladies, of course, you can read it too; it’s just that I have a tendency to read a lot of “girly” books, but this one is really geared toward guys. Huck Porter is a high school students who is dealing with a lot – the unexpected death of his father, a flaky best friend, a jerk math teacher, and a girl he can’t quite seem to talk to. But Huck is getting good at one thing – cards – poker, to be exact. Huck’s dad was a master card player and taught him a few tricks before his untimely death. Good thing, too, since Huck’s decided to enter into the local poker tournament underage with a lot to prove.

This is a quick read – 168 pages – and Volponi writes well and honestly and with suspense. The opening scene is a robbery in an elevator! I can definitely recommend this one because it’s got it all – angst, pain, a little romance, jerk teacher, and the suspense of a poker tournament. Gentlemen – check this one out!

~Mrs. Frilot


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