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Shattering Glass by Gail Giles

shatteringglassGail Giles is just one of those young adult writers that appeals to lots of people, and Shattering Glass is no different. Girls and guys will like this book because of it explores the dark sides of human nature in high school. I definitely recommend this one!

Simon Glass is the resident loser nerd that everyone picks on. Rob Haynes, on the other hand, is brand-new to the school but rises through the ranks of popularity in no time. Rob decides that he’s going to take Simon Glass on as his pet project, transforming him into someone everyone likes rather than loathes. It’s all a whole bunch of fun until Simon gains confidence and becomes power-hungry. Then when Simon discovers a long-lost secret about Rob, everything goes really wrong. Check it out to find out what happens!

~Mrs. Frilot


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The Fold by An Na

thefoldGrowing up, one of my best friends was Taiwanese. The cover and title of this book struck me, because I distinctly remember a conversation we had as pre-teens while looking at Seventeen or some such magazine. She was frustrated because all of the models did not have eyes that looked like hers and she had no idea how to make eye shadow look good. Of course I knew her eyes were different from mine, but until then, I never thought it was in a problematic way.

All that to say – that’s what this book is about. The main character, Joyce, is a┬ástruggling junior in high school with a perfect, beautiful older sister. Comparisons between the two always leave Joyce feeling like the ugly, awkward one. So when Joyce’s plastic surgery-addicted aunt offers to pay for “the fold” surgery to make her eyes more American and beautiful, Joyce has to decide – is it worth the pain? Is it worth feeling more confident? Is it worth it to attract gorgeous boys like John Ford Kang?

If this topic interests you – what lengths could and should we go to for beauty – I suggest you pick up this book. It’s a simple, easy read and Joyce is a likable character and narrator.

~Mrs. Frilot

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What to read next…

This is one of my new favorite websites: Simply type in the last book you read (make sure it’s one you liked) and Book Seer will suggest other books you might like. Fun! I tried several books and I think it gives good suggestions – some from Amazon, some from LibraryThing.

~Mrs. Frilot

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Bing! is Microsoft’s new search engine that has potential for catching on. It’s visually appealing in a very different way than Google. Rather than blank white space that cuts to the chase, Bing provides a vivid image that varies based on your location. In my few trials, Bing provided valid returns, even though some were different than the same search in Google. So it’s nice to have an alternative search engine. Interested? Try it out at

Want to learn more? Read this blog post at

~Mrs. Frilot

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