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Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

gendeadI guess the rumor is true…zombies are the new vampires. And this book has lots of zombies! Similar to Twilight, a small town high school creates the perfect atmosphere for zombies, and the main character Phoebe finds herself with a crush on one of them – even though he’s really dead. Phoebe’s friends aren’t exactly dying to join forces with her, (I couldn’t resist!) but they do because of their loyalty to their friend. Even Adam, her football star neighbor who’s secretly been in love with her for awhile, helps out with the “differently biotic” when she needs him to. But how far is he willing to go to support Phoebe’s crusade and her crush on Tommy? There’s quite an ending which leaves you wanting more…and wouldn’t you know Mr. Waters wrote another one! I’m hoping to get it in the library soon.

This book is a fun read and the first in the zombie arena for me. The explanations of how zombies exist are entertaining, the characters seem very real, and it’s fun to read. Though the zombie thing is a little silly for me, I resonate with exposing stereotypes and promoting acceptance. While on the lengthy side though at almost 400 pages, it’s a worthwhile journey. For folks who like Twilight, this is a must read. If you are anti-Twilight but like romance and struggle, don’t count this one out!

~Mrs. Frilot


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