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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

hungergamesWow. This book is intense. Based on the description (and really the write up the GA Peach folks gave it) it does not sound like a book I would become addicted to. It’s set in the future and kids have to fight to the death – neither one have much appeal for me on the surface. However, I stayed up late, lost sleep, and put all kinds of things on hold to finish this book!

Katniss is a practical teenager with a penchant for breaking the rules when needed, which is often, otherwise her family would probably starve. Life isn’t good for the folks in District 12, far removed from the bright shiny capitol of Panem. Things get worse when Katniss’ frail sister is chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, where 24 kids must fight to the death. Katniss has no choice but to step in, and she knows it’s a death sentence. But her resourcefulness and practicality could just work in her favor.

The story doesn’t start with the games….it takes a little while to build up to them, but once you’re in the middle it’s really difficult to put this book down. Fighting, strategy, suspense, tragedy, a little romance….this book has it all! Check this one out asap. Guys, girls, as long as you like suspense, you’ll enjoy this book.

PS: Book 2 in this series, Catching Fire, comes out in September. We’ll have it in the media center as soon as we can!

~Mrs. Frilot


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