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Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

gendeadI guess the rumor is true…zombies are the new vampires. And this book has lots of zombies! Similar to Twilight, a small town high school creates the perfect atmosphere for zombies, and the main character Phoebe finds herself with a crush on one of them – even though he’s really dead. Phoebe’s friends aren’t exactly dying to join forces with her, (I couldn’t resist!) but they do because of their loyalty to their friend. Even Adam, her football star neighbor who’s secretly been in love with her for awhile, helps out with the “differently biotic” when she needs him to. But how far is he willing to go to support Phoebe’s crusade and her crush on Tommy? There’s quite an ending which leaves you wanting more…and wouldn’t you know Mr. Waters wrote another one! I’m hoping to get it in the library soon.

This book is a fun read and the first in the zombie arena for me. The explanations of how zombies exist are entertaining, the characters seem very real, and it’s fun to read. Though the zombie thing is a little silly for me, I resonate with exposing stereotypes and promoting acceptance. While on the lengthy side though at almost 400 pages, it’s a worthwhile journey. For folks who like Twilight, this is a must read. If you are anti-Twilight but like romance and struggle, don’t count this one out!

~Mrs. Frilot


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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

hungergamesWow. This book is intense. Based on the description (and really the write up the GA Peach folks gave it) it does not sound like a book I would become addicted to. It’s set in the future and kids have to fight to the death – neither one have much appeal for me on the surface. However, I stayed up late, lost sleep, and put all kinds of things on hold to finish this book!

Katniss is a practical teenager with a penchant for breaking the rules when needed, which is often, otherwise her family would probably starve. Life isn’t good for the folks in District 12, far removed from the bright shiny capitol of Panem. Things get worse when Katniss’ frail sister is chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, where 24 kids must fight to the death. Katniss has no choice but to step in, and she knows it’s a death sentence. But her resourcefulness and practicality could just work in her favor.

The story doesn’t start with the games….it takes a little while to build up to them, but once you’re in the middle it’s really difficult to put this book down. Fighting, strategy, suspense, tragedy, a little romance….this book has it all! Check this one out asap. Guys, girls, as long as you like suspense, you’ll enjoy this book.

PS: Book 2 in this series, Catching Fire, comes out in September. We’ll have it in the media center as soon as we can!

~Mrs. Frilot

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Converting Kate by Beckie Weinheimer

convertingkateIf you are looking for a fiction book that’s interesting and thought-provoking about religion, then check this book out. Kate is a teenager who was brought up in a very strict, all-encompassing sect of Christianity that has kept her removed from most aspects of a social existence.¬†Religion forms a divide in her parents, who eventually divorce because Kate’s dad doesn’t believe in the Church of the Holy Divine. Then one day he has a heart attack and dies. Kate is grief-stricken and starts to challenge her faith.

Kate and her mom move across country to the town where her dad grew up. There, Kate explores the world beyond the tenets of the Holy Divine Church, challenges her mother, finds compassion with her dad’s Aunt Katherine, makes a few attempts at romance, and struggles to understand God and religion.

If you are ok with reading about questioning faith, this is an interesting book. Kate’s questions, I think, parallel many thoughts that people have about faith and God and why things happen the way they do. The author has created a character that is truthful and honest and real, perhaps because the book is loosely based on her¬†own experiences.

~Mrs. Frilot

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Right Behind You by Gail Giles

rightbehindyouThis book was not what I was expecting. Gail Giles is a great writer – boys, girls, teens, adults, all enjoy her writing. I think I expected this story to fall into the categories of intrigue and mystery, but that wasn’t the case. This is not to say the story wasn’t interesting though.

Kip, the main character, set another kid on fire when they were both about 9. I’m not revealing anything – this information is presented on the inside flap! Kip spends time in a hospital, then a juvenile detention center, where he receives therapy. At 14, he’s released into the world again, with a new name, a new identity, a new place to live, and a whole heap of guilt. He has to try to figure out how to become this new persona and not let any of his guilt betray him. That’s the story – dealing with how not to self-destruct, how to keep his anger in check, how to forgive himself, and how to move on with his life.

This book is a fast read and both girls and guys would enjoy it.

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