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Ophelia by Lisa Klein

opheliaI was skeptical going into reading this book. As an avid Hamlet fan (I taught it to skeptical seniors for several years) I didn’t think someone could do the story and character of Ophelia justice, but I really enjoyed this book! It is interesting and intriguing from the very beginning, and I think readers will like regardless of whether they know the story of Hamlet or not. There are some plot twists that are expected, but some that are not.

Ophelia’s young life is discussed briefly, and we follow her take on the happenings at court  of Denmark after Hamlet’s father is killed. Her love interest, Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, is struggling with the death of his father and the relationship between Hamlet and Ophelia deteriotes as a result. It doesn’t help that Hamlet and Ophelia, because he is a prince and she is not royalty, shouldn’t be together anyway and they have to hide their feelings for one another. Things progress and get particularly difficult for Ophelia, but I don’t want to give anything away! Just know it’s a read worth your time, especially the ladies!

~Mrs. Frilot


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  1. Without spoiling the novel for those who might read it, Lisa Klein picked up on several motifs from the shadows of the play which I believe were intentionally placed there by Shakespeare-i.e., this novel is not entirely out of Lisa Klein’s imagination, only partly.

    Comment by Arnie Perlstein | May 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. This book was beyond beautiful. Lisa Klein brought out the old and the new and combined it to make it twisted but by far the most interesting book i have ever read. Although some of this might have been copied , I enjoyed Ophelia’s character. It’s really sad to have hidden love. But once again i loved this book.

    Comment by Kethy Louis | May 7, 2010 | Reply

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