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When Dad Killed Mom by Julius Lester

whendadkilledmom   Did you ever see a book that just caught your eye at the first look? When Dad Killed Mom is one of them! This book is based on a real story that was taken right out of the newspaper. I will recommend this book to everyone because it’s just that kind of book that everyone will enjoy, and once you start reading, you would not be able to stop and put the book down. The way the author wrote the book makes you think that you are in the book and gives you great visual images. It shows how relationship problems can lead to a big disaster. In this book, there is a family that consists of four people, the mother, father, and their son and daughter. Jenna, their daughter, knows that her mother and father’s relationship isn’t going so well and wishes something would happen to her mom because of the simple fact that they did not get along. One day, the father goes ahead and takes matters into his own hands. Once Jenna finds out about her mother’s death, she doesn’t know what to do – whether to be happy, sad, or guilty.


Reviewed by: B. Gray 

Class of 2009


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