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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

twilight   I read the book, Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer. This book was very appealing to me; it has basically everything a reader might want. Anyone can read this book, including guys. It has so many aspects that really appeal to every demographic. Girls would love this book for the romance and the “fantasy” that is holds. Boys might like this book because of the suspense, danger, and action. Stephenie Meyer, in my opinion, is very talented. She uses a lot of details. I love this because I feel like I can actually see what is happening. It isn’t boring at all. It keeps you going with every page turned, and there are always underlying surprises waiting for you. You have to dig deeper to figure out what is happening, at some points it is very unpredictable and others it really is predictable.

            A girl, Bella, moves into her dad’s house to get away from her mother. She is at a new school that is a complete culture shock for her, but she fits in pretty well. She makes a lot of friends. But then she meets a boy, Edward. Edward is charming and sweet and most of all, he is extremely mysterious. She doesn’t know what to think. He tries to avoid her but he can’t. Bella figures out his secret, Edward is a vampire. The book is about all of their adventures facing danger to protect each other’s forbidden love. Bella has to keep his secret and wants to be with him forever, but she can’t. You can figure out why if you read the book. Trust me, it is the best book ever. Everyone will love this book!


Review by: Amanda A. 

Class of 2009


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