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Tex by S.E. Hinton

tex   Tex was a very good book.  It kept me entertained and made me want to keep reading.  The book is about a fourteen-year-old boy named Texas.  Everyone calls him Tex for short. Tex lives with his brother Mason, and most of the time without parents.  His mom died when he was young and his dad is out working in another state. 

            One thing that Tex loves to do is ride horses. He has a horse but his brother has to sell it to pay the bills.  Tex was furious when he found out that Mason sold the horses, but he understood that they needed money.  Tex and Mason had another experience when they picked up a hitchhiker that they shouldn’t have.  The hitchhiker was a criminal who escaped from jail. He held them at gunpoint and told them to head towards the state line.  The story of Tex’s experiences will keep you entertained.

            I would have to say that Tex would be a better book for boys than girls.  The book follows a boy so boys would probably have more interest in the story.  The writer does a good job of writing and the book is very entertaining.  I would recommend reading Tex.

Reviewed by: Josh I.  

Class of ’09                                                                                           


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