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Raiders Night by Robert Lipsyte

raiders-night   This book is pretty much about the average high school that has problems. It is all about parties, girls, drugs and drama – what keeps high schoolers on their feet everyday. The book is about a high school football team that is going through some tough times. The coaches are all on the players because they think that this could be their year for a state championship. One of the captains on the team is Matt Rydek, who is a receiver. Matt has his friends Brody, Tyrell and Pete. Matt has one of the better heads in the book; he is always trying to help out the team. Matt was picked up by the coaches when he was playing baseball for the high school team. The coaches liked his speed and how he caught the baseball. His family is not the perfect like most. His dad makes all the decisions; his mom is the normal stay-at-home mom and his brother Junie is very energetic and hated by his father. Before the season can even start a new kid named Chris is transferred to the school. The team ends up going to a football camp for a week. Towards the end though things start to happen between the players. Can the Raiders pull it together before the season starts?  I really enjoyed the book and how it kept me interested. I would recommend this to people that love football.


Review by: Chase W.

Class of 2009


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