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Dante’s Peak by Dewey Gram

dantes_peak_ver12   The novel Dante’s Peak is about a small town that is located near an active volcano.   A volcano expert is sent there to run some tests after two backpackers were mysteriously killed in a hot spring near the volcano.  Doctor Harry Dalton, the volcano expert, is very alarmed at the activity of the volcano and wants to put the town on alert. The town council does not listen to the doctor because it could ruin the economy in the town. Since everyone is refusing to believe him, Harry convinces the mayor, Rachel Wando to keep an eye out for anything strange that happens to the volcano. A few days later, several major problems occurred. Harry convinces his boss Paul Dreyfuss that the town needs to be put on alert and gives the order, but they did it too late. Being in this situation before Harry knew exactly what to do; he and the mayor traveled all through the town trying to escape the flow of magna.  In my opinion I could not put this book down; it was full of action and suspense. I liked this novel; it was very entertaining with lots of mini problems revolved around one central plot.


Review By: Quinn S.

Class of ‘09


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