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The Candy Darlings by Christine Walde

candydarlingsThe Candy Darlings is a story about a girl whose mother died from cancer. She and her dad had moved to a new town so they could start fresh and move on with their lives. She was never one of the popular girls before, so she was determined to fit in with the popular girls now. The popular girls at her new school liked her. They asked her to come over and to sit with them at the lunch table. She had been there for a month when a new girl named Megan showed up. She had funky colored hair, and punky outfits. She was weird. The thing about Megan was that she didn’t care. Megan was known as the freak on campus. Megan had a love for candy. Megan knew that she and the main character were destined to be friends. They always had each others back especially when the popular girls tried to ruin their lives. Megan loves to tell stories about candy. They all had a little bit of truth about Megan in them but you never knew what was true. Megan will always be a mystery to you and to her best friend.

 Find out how the how their friendship works out and all the secrets the girls are hiding and are scared to tell others. I hate reading, but this book kept me very entertained. The ending made me want to cry but it also made me want to learn more about this Meagan girl. I wanted to understand the truth in the candy stories. I would give this book four and a half stars. Every time I opened this book, I had to have a piece of candy in my mouth.

Review by: Lauren M.

Class of ‘09


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