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The Bully by Paul Langan

thebully   Darrell Mercer is a high school freshman that just received news from his mother that he will be moving from his hometown in Philadelphia to California. Darrell isn’t vey strong or tall but he has been able to depend on his friends to have his back in tough situations.  He was picked-on and underestimated by everyone who was bigger than him so he dealt with bullies his whole life starting with 1st grade. The first thought on his mind when he was informed about moving was a new state, which means a new school, and a new school, means a new bully. Most fourteen year olds would definitely relate too this book especially if you move to another state or county. The things you have to deal with are stuck up individuals, new teachers, and a totally different lifestyle. While reading this book it brought me back to my ninth grade year, and all the stress I went through. Honestly reading is not one of my favorite things to do, but I finished this book, because it had me attached from the time I started to the time I finished. I really wanted to finish too see if Darrell’s life ended up the same way mine did.


Review by: Lashi S.

Class of  ’09


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