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Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

iron20kissedThe book is about a coyote that lives with and near werewolves. She’s involved in many magical communities including Vampires and Fays, better known as faeries. Mercy, the coyote, has found herself in the midst of a murder mystery and a set-up. Her Fay friend, Zee, is accused of killing a human who appears to somehow have murdered a number of fays. A few of those murdered were friends of Zee. Mercy takes it upon herself to investigate who really killed the human, because no one else would.

I found Iron Kissed to be an amazing novel that I just could not put down. One part that I found to be enjoyable was the way the characters, mostly the main ones, were consistent throughout the story. They all were basically connected together in some way, be it subtle or obvious. I also enjoyed how well put together the story line was, so that I never knew what was coming and wanted to read Iron Kissed more.  There are a lot of twists and surprises in this story that I just did not see coming. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys fantasy and a slightly mysterious twist in their readings. If I had to be critical about anything, it would have to be that the ending of the story left me with a lot of questions – almost like it was a cliffhanger. I’m hoping for another story to go with the Mercy Thompson series.


Review by: Lauren K.

Class of 2009


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