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Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

goaskalice1   The novel Go Ask Alice is very interesting. It’s about an average teenage girl on the brink of self destruction that logs all her experiences in her diary. What makes this book so interesting is how it’s the real diary of Alice and all the crazy situations she gets herself into and all of the surreal drama of her life. In the book, Alice seems to be getting board with life at her young age and starts experimenting with a variety of drugs which turns her world upside down really fast. She gets into all these messes because she is very lonely and quick to cling to whoever identifies themselves as a friend. No matter how hard she tries she seems to always end up in the wrong group of people. Alice slips up and gets busted selling drugs, so in return her friends the “Grass gang” exile her. Those old friends seem to spend the rest of their efforts harassing her, because she wants to turn her life around. The “Grass gang” sees no other way to live and they believe what they are doing in okay, so much that they try to forcefully dose her and bring her back into the world of drugs. I really liked this book because something crazy that you wouldn’t expect lurks around every corner.  The average high school teenager would like this book because they could relate easily to Alice.


Review by: Mason P.

Class of 2009


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