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Poetry Reading!

dscf0843Mrs. Dean’s students braved their nerves and participated in a poetry reading in the media center yesterday afternoon. It was quite a success! Students read their poetry to an audience of about 100 students, teachers, and parents. At times the poetry was poignant, other times funny, and sometimes it was both. What an amazing event to be a part of! Congrats go out to Mrs. Dean’s kids for not only writing personal poetry, but for having the courage to share it out loud.

~Mrs. Frilot


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Some excellent student book reviews follow!

What comes next is a lot of really good student reviews of books we have in the CHHS media center. I’m excited to be partnering with Mrs. Crane on a reading project with her seniors. They have each read several different books, then chose the one they like best to review. Keep reading! It’s good stuff!

~Mrs. Frilot

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When Dad Killed Mom by Julius Lester

whendadkilledmom   Did you ever see a book that just caught your eye at the first look? When Dad Killed Mom is one of them! This book is based on a real story that was taken right out of the newspaper. I will recommend this book to everyone because it’s just that kind of book that everyone will enjoy, and once you start reading, you would not be able to stop and put the book down. The way the author wrote the book makes you think that you are in the book and gives you great visual images. It shows how relationship problems can lead to a big disaster. In this book, there is a family that consists of four people, the mother, father, and their son and daughter. Jenna, their daughter, knows that her mother and father’s relationship isn’t going so well and wishes something would happen to her mom because of the simple fact that they did not get along. One day, the father goes ahead and takes matters into his own hands. Once Jenna finds out about her mother’s death, she doesn’t know what to do – whether to be happy, sad, or guilty.


Reviewed by: B. Gray 

Class of 2009

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Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

twilight   I read the book, Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer. This book was very appealing to me; it has basically everything a reader might want. Anyone can read this book, including guys. It has so many aspects that really appeal to every demographic. Girls would love this book for the romance and the “fantasy” that is holds. Boys might like this book because of the suspense, danger, and action. Stephenie Meyer, in my opinion, is very talented. She uses a lot of details. I love this because I feel like I can actually see what is happening. It isn’t boring at all. It keeps you going with every page turned, and there are always underlying surprises waiting for you. You have to dig deeper to figure out what is happening, at some points it is very unpredictable and others it really is predictable.

            A girl, Bella, moves into her dad’s house to get away from her mother. She is at a new school that is a complete culture shock for her, but she fits in pretty well. She makes a lot of friends. But then she meets a boy, Edward. Edward is charming and sweet and most of all, he is extremely mysterious. She doesn’t know what to think. He tries to avoid her but he can’t. Bella figures out his secret, Edward is a vampire. The book is about all of their adventures facing danger to protect each other’s forbidden love. Bella has to keep his secret and wants to be with him forever, but she can’t. You can figure out why if you read the book. Trust me, it is the best book ever. Everyone will love this book!


Review by: Amanda A. 

Class of 2009

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The Island by Gary Paulsen

islandI liked The Island a lot because I love to be outdoors and this book is about a kid that goes and stays on an island for a few days to find things out about himself. I like the way the author wrote this book. The book was easy and fun to read and the way he explained the characters it makes you feel like you have known them all your life. I think guys would like this book more than girls would because the main character is a boy that goes through things that a lot of other guys go through. If you like camping and being outside in nature you will probably like this book. I like the fact that in this book the boy stands up to his parents when they wanted him to come home from the island because they thought he was on drugs, but he wouldn’t go home with them because he knew he was doing nothing wrong. His whole reason for staying on the island was to try to find inner piece and the way the world worked. I don’t like to read very much but I liked this book a lot and would recommend it to other people that like being outdoors.


Reviewed by: Josh H

Class of 2009

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The Giver by Lois Lowry

giver   The Giver is about a kid named Jonas who lives in a perfectly laid-out community where there are no choices and your life is chosen not by you, but by the elders of the city.    In this community that Jonas lives in once you become age 12 you start your training for a field of work that was chosen for you by the elders of the community.  Jonas gets picked for an honor that doesn’t come very often – he gets chosen the Receiver of Memory.  The whole point of the Receiver of Memory is that he holds all the memories for the community. Throughout the book you see Jonas before and after his training.  This book overall is really good and I highly recommend it to anyone that just wants something good to read. It is more focused toward any teenager and is a really easy book to read and understand.  This is just one of those books that you have to keep reading because you want to know more and want to keep finding out what happens to Jonas.


Review by: Brandon A.

Class of ‘10

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Tex by S.E. Hinton

tex   Tex was a very good book.  It kept me entertained and made me want to keep reading.  The book is about a fourteen-year-old boy named Texas.  Everyone calls him Tex for short. Tex lives with his brother Mason, and most of the time without parents.  His mom died when he was young and his dad is out working in another state. 

            One thing that Tex loves to do is ride horses. He has a horse but his brother has to sell it to pay the bills.  Tex was furious when he found out that Mason sold the horses, but he understood that they needed money.  Tex and Mason had another experience when they picked up a hitchhiker that they shouldn’t have.  The hitchhiker was a criminal who escaped from jail. He held them at gunpoint and told them to head towards the state line.  The story of Tex’s experiences will keep you entertained.

            I would have to say that Tex would be a better book for boys than girls.  The book follows a boy so boys would probably have more interest in the story.  The writer does a good job of writing and the book is very entertaining.  I would recommend reading Tex.

Reviewed by: Josh I.  

Class of ’09                                                                                           

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Sold by Patricia McCormick

sold21   All over the world every person has problems; some are smaller than others, and some are too much to handle. There are problems that look so big that you think that you can’t deal with it any longer that kills you every second of every minute of every day. Each day the problem becomes more and more part of you life, until it controls your life. That is what happened to a young 13 year old girl named Lakshmi sold into prostitution. Lakshmi was a ordinary girl that lived with her family in a small village in Nepal. She lived very poorly but managed to survive each day as it came. Lakshmi’s life becomes a nightmare from which she can’t escape.  The book Sold is one of the best books I have ever read. This book takes you to the place and you imagine it like you were there. This book is a good book to spend a weekend reading. It is also easy to read and entertaining for all ages, especially high school students. The author Patricia McCormick made Lakshmi develop in the story from a mountain girl to a strong woman, able to take whatever life put in front of her. I would read this book over and over again and not get bored. Every time you open the book it is hard to let go of it – it grabs your attention. I really loved this book; it almost made me cry.  


Review by Nadia F.

Class of 09

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Raiders Night by Robert Lipsyte

raiders-night   This book is pretty much about the average high school that has problems. It is all about parties, girls, drugs and drama – what keeps high schoolers on their feet everyday. The book is about a high school football team that is going through some tough times. The coaches are all on the players because they think that this could be their year for a state championship. One of the captains on the team is Matt Rydek, who is a receiver. Matt has his friends Brody, Tyrell and Pete. Matt has one of the better heads in the book; he is always trying to help out the team. Matt was picked up by the coaches when he was playing baseball for the high school team. The coaches liked his speed and how he caught the baseball. His family is not the perfect like most. His dad makes all the decisions; his mom is the normal stay-at-home mom and his brother Junie is very energetic and hated by his father. Before the season can even start a new kid named Chris is transferred to the school. The team ends up going to a football camp for a week. Towards the end though things start to happen between the players. Can the Raiders pull it together before the season starts?  I really enjoyed the book and how it kept me interested. I would recommend this to people that love football.


Review by: Chase W.

Class of 2009

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Dante’s Peak by Dewey Gram

dantes_peak_ver12   The novel Dante’s Peak is about a small town that is located near an active volcano.   A volcano expert is sent there to run some tests after two backpackers were mysteriously killed in a hot spring near the volcano.  Doctor Harry Dalton, the volcano expert, is very alarmed at the activity of the volcano and wants to put the town on alert. The town council does not listen to the doctor because it could ruin the economy in the town. Since everyone is refusing to believe him, Harry convinces the mayor, Rachel Wando to keep an eye out for anything strange that happens to the volcano. A few days later, several major problems occurred. Harry convinces his boss Paul Dreyfuss that the town needs to be put on alert and gives the order, but they did it too late. Being in this situation before Harry knew exactly what to do; he and the mayor traveled all through the town trying to escape the flow of magna.  In my opinion I could not put this book down; it was full of action and suspense. I liked this novel; it was very entertaining with lots of mini problems revolved around one central plot.


Review By: Quinn S.

Class of ‘09

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